Are you worried about gaining too much weight during pregnancy? Not sure what exercises are safe? The Fit Pregnancy Plan shows you exactly how to stay fit, prepare for an easier labor and bounce back quickly once your baby is born.

You might think that exercising during pregnancy is a waste of time since you’re gaining weight anyway, but it’s not. Once you know a few simple rules and follow the workouts provided in the Fit Pregnancy Plan, you can absolutely stay in great shape!

Plus, exercising will make your baby healthier. Studies show that babies born to mothers who exercised throughout their pregnancies were born leaner and are less likely to be overweight as adults.

The Fit Pregnancy Plan is a shockingly simple, easy to follow, mobile-friendly program to help you have a healthy pregnancy without getting fat!

Fit Pregnancy

This program is full of efficient and effective exercises that will give you awesome results. I know that you have A LOT on your plate and I don’t want to add to it. The plan is quick and easy so you won’t be wasting any of your precious time and energy.

Here are some of the results you can expect from Fit Pregnancy Plan

  • Maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy
  • Bounce back quickly once your baby arrives
  • Decrease the chances of needing a c-section and other medical interventions
  • Increased strength, muscle tone, and energy
  • Flexible and realistic for even the busiest of schedules

Fit PregnancyHello! My name is Tatum Rebelle. I created the Fit Pregnancy plan based on more than a decade of personal training and military experience. After training women during pregnancy, and men in basic training, I firmly believe that fitness and weight management can be very simple.

If soldiers do not need a gym or a lot of equipment to be elite athletes, neither do pregnant women and new moms. But, don’t worry, this program is not boot camp. I’m much kinder and gentler than I was in those days!

After many years of extensive research and training moms I have chosen these exercises strategically to help expectant mothers achieve lasting results without having to commit much time and effort. The workouts are structured to prepare your body for labor, strengthen and tone muscles, prevent excess weight gain, tighten your core, and allow your body to bounce back better than ever once your baby is born.

I promise that this will give you great results if you stick to the plan. I have seen it happen time and again with clients, and I personally live by the advice that is included in this program. I would never ask you to do anything I don’t also do myself.

The mental and physical stress of being pregnant can be exhausting and debilitating, but exercise and strengthening your body will make your life much easier! With this simple plan you can relieve most negative symptoms and prevent excess weight gain without having to count calories or stick to any crazy workout regiment. 

After helping hundreds of pregnant women stay fit I honestly believe that no other prenatal program even comes close to the Fit Pregnancy Plan. I have loved helping clients see great results and created this plan as a way to reach more women with this life changing information.


These are just some of the benefits of exercising now: 

  • Feel sexy and confident during your pregnancy and after
  • Save time and get the best results with simple and effective exercises
  • Improve your mood and overall sense of well-being
  • Maintain strength and stamina
  • Keep your core tight to prevent abdominal separation
  • Decrease unpleasant symptoms like fatigue and back pain
  • Strengthen pelvic muscles to reduce the risk of incontinence

“As a pediatrician, one of the best things you can do for your children is teach them the importance of living a healthy life.  Total Mommy Fitness gets the ball rolling towards an active healthy life.”
J. Ben Worsley, MD

A little bit about my fitness background…

Drill Sgt I joined the Army at age 17 and served as a Drill Sergeant. Throughout my career I consistently received the highest fitness awards, including  the best fitness score in Basic Training and Drill Sgt School, competing amongst mostly males. I was also chosen to represent my unit in an “Iron Soldier” competition. I’ve been featured in Fit Pregnancy Magazine, and was chosen as one of “Austin’s Fittest” by Austin Fit Magazine.

My personal training and pre/postnatal fitness certification are from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I studied Kinesiology and Communication at Texas Christian University receiving a Bachelor of Science degree, and also hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

me and brody I’m not your typical gym rat. In fact I spend as little time in the gym as possible! I prefer to be outside, and believe that it does not take much equipment to stay in great shape. Just a little knowledge about how the body works and some creativity.




This stuff is really important! And not just because I say so. The Fit Pregnancy Plan is based on actual scientific research. 

  • Women who were compliant with the physical activity program and met the physical activity recommendations were more likely to achieve appropriate gestational weight gain and return to their pre-pregnancy body mass after delivery. (1)
  • Continuation of exercise regimens has a beneficial effect on the course and outcome of labor. (2)
  • As a single session of exercise helps improve the mood of pregnant women, this may be an effective strategy to prevent the deterioration of mood state during pregnancy. (3)
  • Data indicates that beginning a moderate regimen of weight-bearing exercise in early pregnancy enhances fetoplacental growth. (4)
  • Health provider advice on gestational weight gain and exercise is insufficient and often inappropriate, and thus unlikely to positively influence how overweight and obese women shape goals and expectations in regard to weight and exercise behaviors. Interventions to help pregnant women attain healthy gestational weight and adequate physical activity are needed. (5) 
“Tatum’s workouts are flexible, effective, and customized for me as a mom to be. They helped me maintain strength training up until my last week of pregnancy. Getting back into shape after my daughter was born was much easier than I thought because Tatum’s workouts kept me strong and healthy throughout my pregnancy.” ~ Cathy, mom of 1

fit pregnancy


“Tatum has a very special gift of guiding each woman to her goals and modifying exercises to suit all stages of “mommyhood”. Depending on a mom’s fitness level, the workout can be harder or easier. And she has a ton of fun exercises that really give you a great burn! 

The workout can be for any shape, age, or fitness level. I would encourage all of you ladies to join in. Tatum genuinely cares about moms and has the knowledge and experience to back it up.” ~ Monica Brant, World Pro Figure Champion, Pro Athlete and Cover Model,



Tatum gave me the exact kind of support I needed as a new mother. She helped me with one of the most important transitions of my life! I have a new confidence in my body, and my ability to care for my body.” ~ Sally, mom of 1



“Tatum’s prenatal program is the best I’ve found for helping moms understand how to exercise during each trimester.  I love the ease of use and how Total Mommy Fitness empowers pregnant women to take control of their fitness and recognize it as a vital part of a healthy pregnancy. Tatum is an expert in prenatal fitness and I encourage all moms-to-be to purchase her program for the best pregnancy experience possible.” ~ Lacy Arnold, CEO/Founder



“Training during my pregnancy was great for my mind, body and spirit. Tatum encouraged me to do things I didn’t think I could still do while pregnant and her workouts evolved as my body changed, so that I was able to stick to a fitness routine throughout my pregnancy.  Having a fit body made post-pregnancy recovery a smooth transition as well.” ~ Lisa, mom of  1 

fit pregnancy


“I loved training with Tatum during my first pregnancy; and called her THE MINUTE I found out I was pregnant with number 2. I feel very safe in her prenatal care. She knows her stuff like no other, and is genuinely concerned for my prenatal progress and wellbeing. Each workout is tailored to exactly what my body needs that day. I walk away invigorated, educated and brimming with body confidence.  I recommend her ecstatically to every pregnant girl I meet.” ~ Sam Noble, mother of 1, and currently pregnant


The Plan Includes:

Fit Pregnancy Plan



The Fit Pregnancy Plan eBook is full of helpful information about getting motivated, staying safe, eating well, managing your schedule, and much more to make sure you reach your goals.



stretch plan


A full body stretching plan to ease tension, relieve hip and back pain, and increase flexibility.

workout circuits



New workouts for each month of pregnancy. Exercises are done in a circuit to increase fat burn and shorten workout. Designed to get the best results in the shortest time.


post-baby circuit



A detailed recovery plan to bounce back quickly once your baby arrives. You can begin rehabbing your abs, pelvic floor, feel better and begin to get your body back immediately.


Bonus Workout



Bonus exercises for those who want a little extra! Add these to a workout when you have more energy, or a week you want another day of training.




exercise demo video

tablet workout



Video demos for each exercise and a mobile friendly layout so you can do the workouts from home, outdoors, or at the gym.




Plus, you can email me personally to ask any questions about diet and exercise during your pregnancy and recovery to ensure you stay on the right track!

Online training can cost over $300 each month, but you will get personal support throughout your pregnancy and recovery absolutely FREE when you purchase this plan.

Fit Pregnancy Plan Bonus:

Fit Pregnancy Workouts


Quick Guides for each exercise circuit. Once you become familiar and don’t need the tutorials you can use these guides to quickly navigate your workouts.






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The Fit Pregnancy Plan takes all of the guesswork out of how to stay lean and healthy during your pregnancy. With pictures, written tutorials, video demonstrations, step-by-step instructions, and a smartphone or tablet friendly layout, your workouts will be quick and easy to follow.


“When I got pregnant, I was about 8 pounds over my perfect weight and I was candacedetermined not to let pregnancy give me the excuse to gain too much weight making  it hard to take off post pregnancy. I had read how working out throughout your pregnancy is not only great for mom, but great for the developing baby — brain and bone development and less likely to be overweight once they get older. I also read that it made delivery so much easier. I had always been one to work out, and I tried to keep to working out 4-5 days/week during my pregnancy. At first it was really hard because I wasn’t sure what I could/couldn’t do at the gym and didn’t want to put the baby at risk, so that is why I went to Tatum. I worked out weekly throughout my pregnancy and she really helped me understand how to make simple adjustments to my regular routine to accommodate the growing belly. She also provided motivation to workout, which is often hard after a long day of work. Overall my pregnancy has been easy and I credit a lot of that to working out and staying in shape.” ~ Candace, mom of 1


pregnancy fitness


“Tatum’s plan makes it happen. Several times something would come up and I may have to include my baby, but I still got my workout in. Life happens, and I love that I can include my oldest son. Not only am I benefiting, but I feel like I am setting a good example for him.

Now my son asks me when we’re going to workout again. He enjoys it and his physical activity foundation is being set at a young age. I just recently went back to work, and I feel great! I take a lot of pride in the fact that I am wearing some of the same clothes I wore before any of the babies came!” ~ Sara, mom of 3



It IS possible to stay fit during your pregnancy. And, you don’t have to get an expensive trainer or spend hours at the gym. Get this simple easy-to-follow plan and start now!

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